The “FLCL” of Internet News Sites

Published January 24, 2012 by jcrosland


A pause.

A snort of bemusement.

The Onion (subtitle: “America’s Finest News Source”) is an informative, yet baffling online arrangement of  journalistic fact and fiction. Lies are entwined with truth, with a heavy dose of nonsense thrown in for good measure.

Example: “Wooden Fruit Hoping To Become Real Fruit One Day.”

Wait. That’s more nonsense than anything. Let’s find another (and by “another,” I mean better) example.

Example #2: “Tebow’s Defeat Restores Nation’s Faith In God.”

Tebow was defeated? That’s news…I guess.

Between the witty humor and improbable stories, The Onion does a decent job of maintaining the appearance of being a real Internet news site. The page layout reflects the style of, say, or some other reputable online news source. Sub-sections, advertisements, an updated news feed, pictures, etc. completed the elaborate hoax. For the briefest of moments, I knew no better despite possessing a passing familiarity with the site. The writing (what little there is) leaves me wanting more; a one-line gag (i.e. “Paula Deen Has Diabetes”) is only as good as its punch.

Lovers of satire, get thee to The Onion!


One comment on “The “FLCL” of Internet News Sites

  • Hahah I also love The Onion, and I love this post! It’s witty and entertaining, even though it’s about a kind of bland subject. Maybe you should write for The Onion?!

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