On Vomit and Irish Jigs

Published February 21, 2012 by jcrosland


Flash mob Irish jigs.

V-day rose ambush (and no, the “v” does not stand for victory).

These are a few of the many topics discussed by Buffalo.com guest speaker Sarah Jean (sp?). A multi-media journalist, Jean manages content on both the one site and another site, IrishCentral.com. The former is geared toward a Buffalo-lovin’ audience, highlighting events and stories from the city. She describes it as the “wacky little brother” of The Buffalo News. Which is true, given the nature of the website. Odd colorful monsters adorn the site’s banner.

The latter site showcases all things Irish dance, including its cultural background, current/upcoming events, and news snippets.

Jean then discussed the importance of voice. When writing for the Web, s/he should always consider his or her audience. After all, what may be appropriate for one group of readers may agitate another. The content must match the author’s intentions. It would be disastrous to post something that either a) doesn’t get his or her message across clearly, or b) conveys the exact opposite of what the author intended. Consider the controversial racial slur regarding Jeremy Lin (a “chink in the armor”).

I thought that there was little distinct between the voices Jean uses for Buffalo.com and IrishCentral.com. Sassy vs. friendly, bubbly vs. supportive. In a way, Jean’s little compare/contrast was more confusing than it meant to be. However, one must remember that she self-admittedly completed the presentation mere hours before it was to be held.

And speaking of presentations…

Jean did a superb job despite time limitations. It came across as relatively professional, though a bit stark at times in terms of presentation. However, the content within said-presentation made up for the lack of flashy PowerPoint graphics (because I, like, totally LOVE creative Power Points). She showed the class several examples of the power of social media, from the Jean-ology timeline to a gross-out eating competition video posted on Facebook (because it was deemed too “edgy” for Buffalo.com proper).

It never crossed my mind that one could post content on multiple social media formats. I mean, uploading videos to his or her blog seems commonplace. Using Facebook or YouTube as a means to post “questionable” or “bonus” content simply didn’t occur to me.

*hears the light bulb go DING!*


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